Hawker Centres Gone in Future, How?

Will Our Favourite Hawker Centres Be Gone in Future?

How many young Singaporeans these days decide that they want to become hawker selling food as a career?

Not many, or maybe even none.

If you do want to become a hawker, then you’re probably one out of a small number.
Singapore Hawker
Maxwell Food Centre (Image Source: TheBestSingapore.com)

Even if you’re interested in the F&B business, you’re likely looking at opening a café or pastry or cake joint.

Will our hawker centres one day disappear because no one wants to be a hawker, selling food?

Now, all that is about to change with the introduction of $90 million to help breathe life into the sector. This was announced by Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Ministry, Dr Amy Khor, during her ministry’s budget on 8 March 2017.

About a month back, the Hawker Centre 3.0 Committee came up with a set wide-ranging recommendations to ensure hawker centres of the future become places where patrons can enjoy good food and also participate in community activities.

The recommendations have four key areas: sustaining the hawker trade, improving productivity, enhancing hawker centres as social spaces, and promoting graciousness.

To boost productivity at hawker centres, the National Environment Agency will facilitate the adoption of initiatives like centralized dishwashing services and cashless systems, such as those seen at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre at Hougang which is managed by Fei Siong.

And for aspiring hawkers, the ministry is also making available 10 pre-fitted “incubation” stalls in the second half of this year for aspiring hawkers to have a go at the business for six months.

It will also work with the People’s Association and ITE to develop courses to teach aspiring hawkers culinary skills and basic hawker relevant business management skills.

With these initiatives, let’s hope that we will see more young hawkers who continue to prepare our familiar favourites; local food that we can be proud of.

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Tim L
Tim L
Proud to be a Singaporean...although I have always wished that our temperature can be 3-5 degrees lower!!! ^^

Tim L

Proud to be a Singaporean...although I have always wished that our temperature can be 3-5 degrees lower!!! ^^

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