Water fluoridation in Singapore a poison for Singaporean?

Nah, just another fear mongering by the anti-government supporters.

On the 11, March 2017, about 100 people turned up at Hong Lim Park to protest about the recent announcement of the Water Hike.

There were 10 speakers. Out of the 10 speakers, the speech of one of the speakers is circulating in WhatsApp.

Water fluoridation in Singapore
Screengrab of Irene Mortensen’s speech at Hong Lim Park

Her name is Irene Mortensen, a self-proclaimed activist against Water Fluoridation in Singapore.

Irene Mortensen introduced herself as ‘just a not-working Singaporean enjoying life’. She said she was not there to talk about the water price hike. She was there to talk about the chemicals in our drinking water that has poisoned our brain.

In fact, according to her, everyone of us has our brain poisoned and brainwashed by the fluoride in our water. Everyone, that is, except for the 100 people who turned up to listen to her speech. These 100 did not have their brain poisoned! Wow, what a mighty stroke of luck for them considering that they also drink the same water. LOL

Yup, that’s right. She said the 100 persons who turned up at Hong Lim Park did not have brain damage, unlike the rest of us. Poor us. We have damaged brains and that was why we didn’t turn up at Hong Lim Park.

Just who is Irene Mortensen? Here’s a glimpse.

Water Fluoridation in Singapore
Screengrab of Irene Mortensen’s Facebook Post Heckling Her Neighbours in a Community Exercise

She captured the residents of Punggol having their community exercises in a video and disparaged them with a screaming commentary of the residents doing what she called ‘Orgasms from Singapore Orgy Foreplay Dance’.

In her post, she also said that …

“In my neighhbourhood, there are many sick individuals struggling to stay alive and these people need peace and quiet at their own homes, just like at the hospice palliative care departments.

In Punggol Field, Singapore, every few months many overweight, dumb downed and fluoride poisoned to inhumane men, women and their affected children dance to deafening music at 8-9pm. These inconsiderate people build their amusement at the expense of others, who have to stay home and endure the one hour mental and physical torment”

There you are. Irene Mortensen seems to be one unhappy person who is also obsessed with fluoride. So who is the brain damaged one? You be the judge.

Back to Water Fluoridation in Singapore. Why does the Singapore government add fluoride to our water source?

According to MOH:

“We started putting fluoride into our water supply in 1954. Our experts in the Fluoride Review Committee have recommended that we should continue to do so.”

“First, it has been effective in reducing dental caries. Our dental caries rate has continued to drop in the past decades. One measure of our dental health is the DMFT index: Decayed, Missing and Filled Teeth Index. The DMFT Index for our 12-year old children has fallen progressively from 2.97 in 1970 to 0.54 in 2003. At 0.54, our DMFT Index for 12 year olds is among the lowest in the world. There is also a similar trend among the 15 year olds, where the DMFT Index has fallen from 4.51 in 1970 to 1.00 in 2003. Countries like Finland and Norway, which do not fluoridate their water supply, have reported higher DMFT indices than ours.”

Second, research by WHO has shown that fluoride is most effective in preventing dental caries if a low level of fluoride is constantly present in the mouth. While Singaporeans today have access to more sources of fluoride such as fluoride toothpastes and mouth rinses, these products are not used by everyone. Water fluoridation remains the most cost effective preventive public health measure for tooth decay.”

Third, the Cochrane Collaboration Oral Health Group, an international expert group, has studied allegations of health risk due to water fluoridation. They found no evidence of such an allegation, so long as the water fluoridation is kept within a certain fluoride concentration level. The latest WHO guideline prescribes it at 1.5 mg per litre. In Singapore, we have over the years progressively reduced our fluoridation level to its current concentration level of 0.6mg per litre in our tap water. This is well within the WHO’s prescribed safety level.

“Some 40 countries, including the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Ireland have water fluoridation schemes in place. Our Fluoride Review Committee meets regularly to review the appropriate and safe concentration level of fluoride in our drinking water. Their conclusion was that dental fluorosis is not prevalent in Singapore, and is only of minor aesthetic concern. Dental fluorosis occurs when a child receives too much fluoride during tooth development. The most common form of dental fluorosis appears as tiny white streaks or specks on the teeth which are often unnoticeable.”

WHO is an acronym of World Health Organization

On 26 April 2015, MOH also replied to a forum writer which also shared concerns about Water Fluoridation in Singapore.

“The merits of public water fluoridation are well-documented and scientifically robust, with many studies demonstrating the association between water fluoridation and a decrease in dental caries in populations. Water fluoridation has also been shown to have an effect over and above that of fluoridated toothpastes and other sources of fluoride.”

“Water fluoridation therefore has unique advantages from the perspectives of distribution, equity, compliance and cost-effectiveness over other fluoride sources in benefiting the whole population and in reducing dental health inequalities.”

“The cessation of water fluoridation may therefore widen inequalities in oral health, particularly dental caries, between different socioeconomic strata in Singapore.”

“The Ministry of Health will continue to track new evidence regarding the benefits and risks of water fluoridation.  While there are some studies suggesting possible health impact at high concentrations of fluoride found in some water sources (e.g. well water in some places), there is currently no scientific evidence of real environmental or individual toxicity caused by water fluoridation at the low levels used in Singapore.”

Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United Stated also mentioned
“Many research studies have proven the safety and benefits of fluoride. For 70 years, people in the United States have benefited from drinking water with fluoride, leading to better dental health.”
Conclusion: Water fluoridation contains health benefits. Period.
Do not be alarmed by these fear mongers trying to bring our government and country down.

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A person who bo chup political stuff, just play, eat and sleep until those looney toons from #returnmyCPF disturbed my peaceful sleep.


A person who bo chup political stuff, just play, eat and sleep until those looney toons from #returnmyCPF disturbed my peaceful sleep.

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