Amos Yee, Calvin Cheng, Jason Neo, and Kenneth Jeyaratnam’s narrative

Calvin Cheng and Jason Neo criticized Muslims but they were not charged. Amos Yee insulted Muslims and he was charged and jailed. Therefore Amos Yee was politically persecuted.

This was Reform Party chief Kenneth Jeyaratnam’s narrative to the Immigration Judge at a US court hearing for Amos Yee’s asylum bid.

First, Calvin Cheng.

What exactly did Calvin Cheng say? Here is the status in question:

Calvin Cheng
The status from Calvin Cheng, former NMP, that created an furore and resulted in a police report against him.


Notice that Calvin Cheng did not use the word ‘Muslim’ in his status?

Could it be that in his subconscious mind, Kenneth Jeyaratnam has equated Muslims to terrorists? If not, how else does one explain that the status is criticizing Muslims?

If you share Kenneth Jeyaratnam’s view, could it be that like Kenneth Jeyaratnam, YOU have also equated Muslims to terrorists?

Read the status again.

Calvin Cheng was offering his solution to the terrorist problem. His solution to kill the terrorists before they kill you is pretty much like what the Americans are doing today in the Middle East – seeking out ISIS to destroy them so that they cannot spread and kill.

Obviously no one, who was outraged by Calvin Cheng’s status, quarrelled with his suggestion to kill terrorists before they kill you.

What caused their outrage was that he went further to suggest that children of terrorists should be killed too lest they grow up to take revenge. They had a problem with the solution that he suggested. Nothing to do with criticizing Muslims. Still confused?

Next, Jason Neo.

Jason Neo was a former young PAP member who posted a photo of a bus ferrying kindergarten children from Huda Kindergarten with a caption that says: Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?

Jason Neo
The photo that got Jason Neo in trouble.


Jason Neo’s response after the uproar:

He apologized quickly. He also pledged not to commit such acts in future.  He sent a written apology to the school. He also asked the school for permission to visit and apologize in person. He sent a copy of his apology to The Straits Times.

Finally, Amos Yee.

Now, the law does deal leniently with first time offenders. And given his age, Amos Yee was in fact offered probation after he was found guilty. But Amos refused to attend any interviews with the probation officer. He flatly rejected probation.

In light of his rejection of probation, prosecution then called for reformative training as opposed to a jail term or fine. But Amos Yee also rejected a term in the Reformative Training Centre. 

Whatever remorse he ever expressed was short-lived. He took down his offending videos only to republished them again.

Amos Yee
Amos Yee and his bailor Vincent Law. Vincent Law, a counsellor, had stepped forward to bail Amos out only to be stabbed on his back by Amos Yee who remained unremorseful.

He stabbed his bailor Vincent Law on his back, made false accusation that Vincent Law molested him, put the reputation of Vincent Law, a counsellor who had stepped forward to bail him out, at risk and caused Vincent and his family great distress, and then revealed that his accusation of molest was just a lie to trick the media.

Could Amos Yee have avoided going to jail? Definitely. Probation was offered to him.

This is not a boy persecuted for his political views. This is a recalcitrant who needs to be taken in hand and given proper discipline and guidance, not asylum.




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