Why start counting from President Wee Kim Wee?

Why start counting the 5 terms of presidents from President Wee Kim Wee?

The first president from the majority Chinese race

Because we are talking about a majority race and reserved elections for minority races. And President Wee Kim Wee was the first Chinese man to be president of Singapore. 

Elected Presidency
Past and present presidents of Singapore. Wee Kim Wee was the first president of the Chinese race.

Dr Adrian Tan Cheng Bock wants to be president. He really wants to be president. And if you are still not convinced, he really, really wants to be president.

And he wants to put it to you that the timing of the reserved election was to keep him out. Really?

In the first place, is Dr Tan Cheng Bock eligible to stand for election?

Let’s look at the eligibility criteria for a presidential candidate.

Elected Presidency
Eligibility criteria for presidential candidate

There you have it! By the eligibility criteria put forth by the Constitutional Commission, Dr Tan does not qualify. 

Unqualified by the Constitutional Commission, nothing to do with the government or reserved election.

Even if the 2017 presidential election is an open election, Dr Tan will still not be eligible to stand for election. His ineligibility to stand for election has absolutely nothing to do with the government or a reserved election. Why is Dr Tan confusing his fans?

Wee Kim Wee, the ‘legitimate-illegitimate’ president?

Dr Tan argued against President Wee’s term being included in counting the 5 terms of presidents.

He argued that the powers of President Wee Kim Wee were given to him as a transition provision and that President Wee only exercised those powers for less than 1/2 a term.

These are weak arguments.

Suppose an elected President dies 2 years after being elected.  Going by Dr Tan’s argument, will this president then lose his legitimacy as an elected president because he has exercised the powers of an elected president for only 2 years?

President Wee: first president vested with the powers of an elected  president

President Wee is on record as the first president who was vested with the powers of an elected president when the elected presidency was legislated while he was incumbent.

SUPPOSE there had been a financial crisis when Wee was president, and the then government wanted to use past reserves to deal with the crisis, the government would need to seek his approval to draw upon our past reserves. President Wee would then have to exercise custodian power to make a decision like an elected president. 

How then will Dr Tan rule President Wee out in his argument?

In conclusion

Dr Tan does not meet the eligibility criteria set by the Constitutional Commission. His ineligibility has nothing to do with the reserved election or the government wanting to keep him out. No matter how the 5 terms of elections are counted, Dr Tan will still not qualify. The government does not have to do anything to stop him if at all they have that intention.  They can just sit back and do nothing because Dr Tan has already been unqualified by the Constitutional Commission.

If Dr Tan has any dispute, instead of holding press conferences and posting facebook statuses, he should communicate formally in writing with AGC.

Attempting to use public pressure to change the course of things to fulfill a personal ambition is not the action of a president-wannabe. It is not the action of a person who claims to be a unifying figure. It is the sound of discord.

Elected Presidency



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