Parent-Teacher Collaboration: Helping teachers in Singapore grow

teachers in Singapore

Being teachers in Singapore can really be a thankless job. They work hard to conduct lessons for our children, and spend even more hours planning for their lessons. Add to that, hours spent during Co-Curricular Activities and other administrative duties.

Yet, the attrition rate of teachers in Singapore remains low at 3% over the last 5 years. But still, it is quite a waste, as they spend a few years training to be teachers in schools.

teachers in Singapore

Perhaps what’s needed is more help for teachers. And this help should come from Parents.

Parents can help in two ways; at home and in school.

Of course, I’m not saying that parents should take over the duty of educating their children. But, they should play a bigger part in collaborating with the school to shape the growth of their children through education and parenting.

teachers in Singapore

Here are 3 possible ways that parents can play an active role in collaborating with their child’s educators:

1. Meet up with the teacher

Develop a connection or partnership with your child’s teacher and let him or her know you want to help your child learn.

Meet him or her regularly to discuss your child’s performance (but do not impose on him or her…teachers need their own time and space too). Find out how you can offer a hand to guide your child.

2. Get involved in school

Take part in the school’s Parent support Network or group. This allows you the opportunity to know the school and its programme better.

Network with other parents and discuss how certain policies and activities can be improved or changed so that teachers can receive positive feedback.

Helping out in after-class activities also gives you the chance to see how the programmes in school develop your child and perhaps bring back something to help you educate your child along the way.

3. Support the school’s pedagogy

The way teachers and schools instruct and teach differs from other schools. Knowing how things are done and what expectations the school has of your child, can help you better support the school to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom.

Ensure that your child is up to speed on his or her homework so that he or she can know what is taught and can clarify doubts and questions as soon as possible.

Be available to your child’s needs when they are completing their homework. Help interpret instructions or answer queries. But do not provide answers. Help them learn from mistakes and allow them to grow from it.

Helping teachers to shape the future of your child requires effort on the part of parents. This can surely support schools and its teachers in Singapore in their work.

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Tim L
Tim L
Proud to be a Singaporean...although I have always wished that our temperature can be 3-5 degrees lower!!! ^^

Tim L

Proud to be a Singaporean...although I have always wished that our temperature can be 3-5 degrees lower!!! ^^

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